“Get in my Delhi!” by Charlie Porter

The Delhi Arch

After starting our day off right with an amazing breakfast spread (with a good dose of dosas!), we spent our day off today in Delhi driving around with our cool taxi guy, Dinish, to do some shopping, sightseeing and do some more good eating. Even though we have not heard any live Indian music yet, I’m telling you that I heard music when I bit into that Masala Dosa this morning!

our taxi driver in Delhi

Dinish, our taxi driver in Delhi

Delhi is fast-paced and there always seems to be something going on and a million people everywhere you turn.  It makes New York seem a bit tame.  People often remark at how crazy taxi driving is in New York…well, these people have obviously never ridden in a taxi in India. I have a whole new appreciation for the training that our Indian taxi-driver friends in New York get over here in India. Forget about lines in the road, forget about seven car lengths, and forget about even looking where you are going- the car honking is like some kind of sonar system. With signs on the backs of cars that read “Please Honk”, you can tell right away that honking over here, as compared to New York where you get can get fined for honking, is quite welcome and appreciated!

Baby on Board!

Looking forward to rehearsing a bit tomorrow in Hyderabad for our concert on the 22nd. For now, off to shed and then off to bed!

Below is some video footage of our time in Delhi today- enjoy!


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